How do you explain AWS Cloud Services in Layman terms and what does it do

How do you explain AWS Cloud Services in Layman terms and what does it do

Consider that you need electricity for your newly built plant. Either you can generate your own electricity, or you can buy it from some electrical power companies. When you're generating your own electricity, you need to set up a lot of infrastructure that will cost you a huge capex. Instead, you could buy electricity and pay for it as you use it. Similarly, AWS is one of the cloud computing providers that provides you with more services in computing, storage, networking and much more that you can pay for when you use it. Lets explain in depth

The hardest thing about getting started is getting started.—  Guy Kawasaki

Let's get into the storey

Sandy hosts her child Aaron's birthday party every year.

She uses 2 rooms in her house, about 25 chairs and 2 large tables, and prepares food for around 50 guests.

This time around, she wants to have a combined birthday party with Aaron for her newborn daughter. And so she's trying to outsource this. She is not sure of the number of guests, and this time she may be between 75–100.

She's asking about outsourcing and rental facilities. She arrives at the " N Convention Center" that gives her these rental options.

The center has 5 different locations in the city, with each location having 2 buildings in 1 complex, providing rooms for hosting functions.

The center offers a daily rent of 15000 rupees per hall, and the center can increase or decrease the number of rooms booked, depending on the number of guests.

Each hall can have around 50 chairs, and this can be customized.

Food services can be added for 10$ per plate, depending on the number of guests.

Within each location, the center also has the right to move guests to another building with the same specifications in the event of an emergency shutdown in one building.

The centre also provides lockers for guests or people who use the services to keep their belongings.

Now compare this to a company that wants to implement enterprise-wide software.

The company thinks about its options Can they make all the infrastructure and services on-site or can outsource infra and services to cloud providers such as Amazon's Web services.

Now, let's make some fun of the mappings between the stories. ( Remember Pi's life and how he tells the story in a different way )

Sandy is the company

The N Convention Center represents Amazon Web Services.

The Halls are the EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing instances) servers.

The five locations are the regions of AWS , where the servers are physically located.

Buildings in each location together form an Availability zone where automatic backups are made between instances.

The ability to add or remove rooms based on guest inflow is analogous to the Property of Elasticity , i.e. the ability to add server instance based on usage, just as Netflix will add streaming servers to its AWS during peak viewing hours.

Lockers are the S3 or EBS (Elastic Block Store) storage of AWS used for backup or storage.






Conclusion :

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