Fastest way to learn programming in 2021

If you're new to this programming field and want to learn programming faster than everyone else, this blog is for you.

Fastest way to learn programming in 2021

If you're new to this programming field and want to learn programming faster than everyone else, this blog is for you. Read this blog from the beginning to the end, and I'll show you how to learn programming faster and more efficiently. So, let's get started.

Acquire Motivation

Step 1, The first thing you must do is acquire a motivation. It is essential to have drive when learning how to code. As you practise, you will see improvements in yourself everyday, even though you learned a single line of code. This growth will keep you motivated, and these small daily improvements will make you feel great. As you proceed, make note of how drastically your coding skills changed, and keep doing so until a month later. You will see a marked improvement. That is how motivation works. It gives you a pick-me-up!

Right instructor

Step 2 Decide on the correct instructor. If you're lucky enough to find a good instructor, then they will make sure you learn programming in an efficient manner. I'm advising you to go with an online instructor, rather than going with an offline instructor. Because of that, of course. What is the reason for that? Because you're watching the same thing for millions of times on an online instructor, you get the benefit of repeating the lesson over and over until you fully understand it, as in, for example, if you are still learning something and can't quite grasp it, you can simply go back and watch the video again. But you can't do that with an offline instructor.

Set Environment

Step 3: Set the environment and start coding. Never ever watch programming videos, code with them as well. Try to code on a daily basis, it will help you remember the syntax, the functions of that particular language, and it will also boost your confidence.

Start Small

Step 4: Try building a minimal application. If you're coding on a daily basis, then after a few days you'll get a grasp of the programming language. And with that knowledge try to make a minimal application, such as Birthday reminder, Age calculator, a small website, etc.

Prepare Notes

Step 5: Keep your notes in place. Knowledge does not have boundaries, but the human mind does. Let's assume you're learning Python today, and after 1 month, you're learning the C programming language. So after a couple of months, you'll start forgetting the syntax of the Python programming language. To do this, try to keep some form of notes so that when you need them, you'll just read them, have a quick revision, and start coding. Notes may be in any form, such as hand-written notes, blogs, videos, etc. Another good example is the use of a version control system like GIT. So you can see your progress, too, and how much you've learned.


Step 6: Step 5 is a repeat step. Just repeat the above steps, get different instructors or just get 1 instructor, keep coding and learning.

Benefits of being a programmer

If you need to learn to code more convincingly, I'll list some of the more subtle benefits of being able to code.

Improved ability to solve problems

The same skills that go into analysing the programming, planning and implementation problems can be applied to almost any area of life.

Confidence and Mental Strength

You will gain confidence by routinely running into trouble, finding out what went wrong, and fixing it. The ability not to get down on yourself when you make a mistake is very valuable, and nothing teaches you that faster than learning how to code. Spending a few weeks of programming is like getting a crash course.

Become the person everyone is looking for help

Even knowing a little bit about computers and programming puts you in front of 99 percent of the population. You'd be surprised how many friends and favors I've earned, because I've helped people solve the very simple problems they've had with technology. This is the kind of thing that can have a big impact on your career even if you're not working directly as a programmer.


Focus on making consistent progress and you're going to have minimal trouble learning to code. Maintaining steady progress and seeing results makes learning fun.

The crazy thing about learning to code is that the more you learn, the more fun you have, because every time you learn something new, you can make things cooler. You have to keep in mind every day that you are building up what you learned the day before.

I hope this guide helps a lot of people out there and saves them from some of the struggles and frustrations I had when I started. I'd love to see people post their results and progress over time so that others can see that this works, so be sure to save this page and leave a comment in the weeks or months ahead!

So, yeah, that was a lot of it for today's blog. Well, I hope it helped. I'm going to see you on another blog. please share and also subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when I post a new subject.

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