Passionateprogrammers.com exists to help raise awareness of best practices, superior tools, proven methodologies and techniques within the software development community.

As content providers, we hope to publish accurate and knowledgeable information and to guide conversations by sharing our personal experience of learning about and engaging in software engineering. We strive to retain our technical content and only produce as much new content every day as a reader can read in detail in a single sitting.

We focus on building up activities, rather than tearing down activities. The tearing down of activities involves finding faults and pointing out weaknesses in techniques, tools and methodologies. Building up activities involves showing what works rather than what doesn't.

We hope that you will find valuable content at PassionateProgrammers.com and that what you find here will help you succeed in your software development efforts!

Who are PassionateProgrammers.com members?

Passionateprogrammers.com is a community of people who have day-to-day work as software developers. A small, focused group and a great place to learn and share their experiences with the community.

I can't see the tip jar. Can I just leave a tip here?

Nope. Nope. All we're asking is for you to get involved. Every comment you leave on a post or article, either positive or negative, helps us all navigate the technical waters better. If you've got a blog, and you'd like to help the cause, link to us!

So what's going to make you guys think you know so much, you elitist assholes?

We're constantly learning about ourselves. What makes Passionateprogrammers.com a reliable place for accurate information is you, the community. The more you read and respond to comments and discussion posts, the better.

So how do I know that I can trust what I've read here?

We're trying to share what we've learned, which is hopefully the starting point for discussion and exploration. Don't take our word for it, and don't practice anything without first thinking, researching, and testing the ideas that you find here.